We want to be your co-partner.

We want to be your co-partner.

Innovation + operational excellence = the cohere beauty difference

You can trust us to:

  • Deliver unmatched knowledge of markets, consumer trends, and niche products
  • Save time and money as you bring products to market faster
  • Elevate your formulations and product quality
  • Reduce post-production risk

with us

With a library of 10,000 formulations, we have solutions for every body, skin, and product feature, including advanced technologies for additives, natural and clean products, and ethnic variations.


Shampoos (Wet and Dry)
Styling Gels and Pomades
Hair Sprays

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Premium Face Care
Functional Serums

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Body Care

Body Wash
Sunless Tanning Lotions
After-Sun Care

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Specialty Products

Hot Fills
Free-Flowing Powders
Pet Care
Kid Care
Color Developer

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Bottling Your Success

We find that once a customer partners with Cohere Beauty, they’ll stay with us. Why? Because we embrace our innovative spirt, leverage decades of formulation and manufacturing expertise, and harness the power of technology to provide you with the highest-quality products and the fastest launch times. But more than that, we never take our customers for granted and offer concierge-level expertise designed to help your business reach new heights.

Private Label

Leverage filled and stocked formulas that are ready for your brand personalization.

Optimal for brands…
looking for fast launch times, low-volume commitments, and the ability to leverage proven formulas without a large upfront investment.

Hybrid Formulas

Modify an established benchmark from our library of 10,000+ formulas.

Optimal for brands…
who are targeting an expedited formulation process to rapidly capture market opportunities.

Custom Formulations

Formulate your product from scratch.

Optimal for brands…
with limited development resources who are seeking a custom product.


“Cohere Beauty always pays close attention to our Brand Profile and delivers products that are consistent with our customers and brand. Not only do they provide sound guidance in product formulation, material selection and regulatory compliance, but they always deliver a quality product in a timely manner.”

Social Media Influencer and Personal Care Brand Owner

Tools for Future Stylists

Marianna Schools offers the best selection of custom kits, hair and beauty products for cosmetology schools and future stylists. When you’re on your way to a beautiful future, Marianna Schools will get there.

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