We want to be your co-partner.

We want to be your co-partner.

& Rooted in Quality

Cohere Beauty Values

COHERE /kōˈhir/ “to be united and form a whole”

Our name speaks to our company’s values, to the value we place on our customer relationships, and to the metrics we use to measure success. Within our enterprise teams, our name serves as a code of conduct that helps us elevate our team camaraderie and drive our performance to new heights. For our customers, it speaks to the importance that we place on strong customer relationships and our ability to act as a true partner for each brand we serve. And for our internal team members, it reinforces our belief that the sum of our companies, our teams, and our people is what makes Cohere Beauty greater than the sum of our parts.

  • Accountability
  • People-Centric
  • Innovative
  • Customer Focus
  • Safety
  • Winning

Cohere Beauty’s story began with four leading manufacturers — Marianna Beauty, Arizona Natural Resources, HealthSpecialty Inc., and Contract Filling Inc.

But these market leaders saw an opportunity to elevate the contract manufacturing industry and offer customers something better. They envisioned a true commercialization partner who could fully understand each customer’s brand promise and innovate quickly. A manufacturer who would reliably deliver high-quality products that end users love, while also reducing cost and time to market. But most importantly, a custom manufacturer who could offer concierge-level support services and help every customer grow and succeed.

With that vision in mind, these companies joined forces to create Cohere Beauty — an integrated custom manufacturer who delivers seamless access to product formulation, manufacturing, regulatory, quality, and packaging expertise. Now with four manufacturing locations, Cohere Beauty has the unique ability to produce and fill any liquid product, except for aerosols, and our capability to fill powder and hot pours distinguishes us from other manufacturers.

We manufacture products for some of the most well-known and fastest-growing brands in the world. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, department stores, health specialty stores, hotels, spas, and more. And you’ll find our products in more than 67 countries around the world!

Cohere Beauty continues to evolve to meet our customer’s growing needs. But as we forge ahead, the guiding principles that brought us together will continue to guide our way. A commitment to manufacturing excellence, a devotion to our beauty heritage, and a desire to help each customer succeed.

Our People

The Cohere Beauty team is a uniquely talented group of people who share a passion for beauty, a commitment to operational expertise, and a desire to see our customers succeed. We are passionate about the beauty industry, and we believe that creativity and collaboration are powerful tools that can be harnessed to help every one of our customers more completely deliver on their brand promises.

The Cohere Beauty team includes more than 800 employees around the United States, including account executives, R&D scientists, operation professionals, quality specialists, and supply chain and packaging experts.

Join Our Team

Cohere Beauty’s product development team is incredibly responsive and they developed a long-term formulation strategy that has allowed us to expand our product offering and grow our brand”

Product Manager, National Personal Care Products Company

Our Facilities

A flexible and reliable supply chain plays a critical role in your success. Cohere Beauty’s national network will get product to you on time, every time.


Omaha, Nebraska

Custom manufacturer in multiple beauty categories with formulation expertise, scalable tanks, and filling lines.


Santa Fe Springs, California

Premium skincare contract manufacturer specializing in high-quality functional skincare with formulation expertise and filling lines.


Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Premier contract blender, filler, and assembler specializing in fragrances, deodorant sticks, and cosmetic products with multi-category formulation expertise, scalable batching tanks, and filling lines.


Phoenix, Arizona

Developer and manufacturer of personal care, toiletries, home care, pet care, and specialty product


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